Elect Theresa Hearn-Haynes
Texas State Representative - House District 150


Rev. Dr. Theresa Hearn Haynes filed as a candidate for the Texas House of Representatives House District 150 on December 11, 2015 at the Harris County Republican Party Office. 

Dr. Haynes is a life long resident of District 150 Spring, Texas and has resided there for over 27 years. She and  her late husband and children have resided there since 1988.

Dr. Haynes' experience and education are extensive. Interested voters may visit and donate using this link.

" I love the people of Texas.
They have been invaluable in my own growth
and development and have joined me
in nurturing my entire family.
I feel the people of Texas
deserve the absolute best."

-  Theresa Hearn-Haynes

A Voice for the Voiceless ...A Servant for the People!

  • THERESA IS COMMITTED to relieving traffic congestion in Texas House District 150

  • THERESA IS COMMITTED to abolishing HomeOwnerAssociation foreclosure power

  • THERESA IS COMMITTED to keeping families together without government intervention Stopping Children's Protective Services from interfering with the parents right to rear their own children.

  • THERESA IS COMMITTED to making college more affordable without the need for student loans which can cause a lifelong burdensome debt

  • NO MORE Property Taxes for Our Senior Citizens

  • NO MORE Property Taxes for Widows of Disabled Veterans Regardless of Percent Disability
  • NO MORE Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)

Read More Issues Theresa Is Committed To

On November 8, 2016
Elect Theresa Hearn-Haynes
for Texas State Representative
House District 150

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